Freedom Heroes Kampala

Freedom Heroes is supporting boys living on the streets of Kampala. We provide food, medical care, education, housing and support to over 100 children and young people who are or have been living on the streets. We have a house for 16 children to call home, where they are loved and cared for. As they become older we provide the opportunity for these boys to go onto higher education or to vocational training school to learn a trade. 

Where possible we look to reunite these street children with their families (close unit or wider). Unlike common assumption not all street children are orphans. Poverty, displacement, loss and even the simplicity of getting lost in Kampala can mean that a child ends up on the street, seperated from a loving family, many whom fear their child is now gone forever. We work with a team of social workers and councillors who help the child tell their story of how they came to their streets, when appropriate we retrace their steps back to family members, and then we work with the family to reintegrate the child into their home. 


Freedom Heroes Siem Reap


Freedom Heroes in Siem Reap has set up a school that runs five days a week. Living on the ground in Cambodia, our team became aware of the limitations of the local education system. After visiting a number of local schools, a vision developed to create brighter futures for local children from less-privileged backgrounds, by providing a quality, supplementary education including English lessons.

Siem Reap is a hub of tourism in south-east Asia, with three million people visiting annually and almost all local work opportunities requiring a grasp of English, something that is not currently taught in local schools.

We focus the provision on the thousands of families that have been relocated by the Government from central Siem Reap to a rural neighbourhood called Poum Ville. Most of the families here earn less than $2 per day, and so their main focus is getting through each day rather than planning for the future by equipping children with a quality education. 

We also feed the children who attend the school and teach them about good hygiene and health, and to aspire for more.