This is 12 year old Bukenya. The happy, smiley boy you see now is just the surface of a deeper transformation that has happened within him. Bukenya had a very difficult start in life. No-one took the responsibility to love and care for him, so it wasn't too long before he ended up on the street. Bukenya depended on small amounts of money made from selling scrap metal and plastic bottles

After a year on the streets we met Bukenya and he started attending our Sunday programme. He showed a desire to learn and soon ended up as apart of our street school. There was no family we could easily resettle him with and so we brought him into our home. 

After just a few months of being in the home and being shown a consistency of love and care we saw Bukenya's happiness and peace increase dramatically. And now one year on he is excelling in school and is the top of his class.

Bukenya now plans to become a Doctor. We will do all we can to help him realise that dream.